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Renegade Lumi-Gloss Spray 13 oz

Renegade Lumi-Gloss Spray 13 oz

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What is Lumi-gloss multi surface shine spray?

Lumi gloss specializes in protecting a vehicle's surfaces while also adding shine. The ingredients found in Lumi-Gloss shine Sprays vary from product to product ,however, the main goal of these products are to protect the vehicle's exterior from water spots, UV rays, and other contaminants while adding a high-gloss finish. Some ingredients that you can find in a Lumi-gloss are;

  • Polymers – This works as a protective agent to work against water marks and spots that can form on a vehicle's surface.
  •  Silicones – Not only do silicones provide a high-gloss finish, but they also help to protect from UV rays.
  • Carnauba Wax – This natural wax (found from a Brazilian palm tree) adds to the protective layer and shiny finish that the first two ingredients provide. 
  •  Surfactants – This works to remove unwanted dirt and debris before the polymer and carnauba wax creates a barrier to protect the vehicle. 
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